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Get Ready for a Prophet You Can’t Ignore

Eli came back to settle a score. So did his god. For more than three years, the kingdom of Ephraim has been in the paralyzing grip of drought. Tempers flare in the oppressive heat. Water rations are running out. Even a benevolent breeze only serves to stir up dust and disquiet. The masses are growing restless, while the entire kingdom sits on the brink of political implosion. And the only man who can bring rain is the one who stopped it in the first place. Get ready for a prophet you can't ignore. Angry, arrogant, and armed to the teeth, Eli Tishbi is ready for his next assignment. He may not look like a divine messenger, but his god is sending him to settle a score with the king of Ephraim. As his faith and resolve are pushed to the limit, can Eli complete his mission? Or has his conviction finally run out?

So here’s the thing: This book is currently not available (unless you want to pay way more than it's worth for a used copy on Amazon). The reason we’ve taken it down is because the story of Eli-Jah Tishbi is going to soon be rebooted and greatly expanded into a trilogy full of prophets, bullets, smoke, and deception. More details soon to follow!